Typical of a small business owner …

You are busy,

You are tired,

You are working too hard,

You have no time off,

Your friends and family don’t remember what it’s like to have you around…

I get it!!

That was me…

But now, I’ve scaled up and then exited my business and I’m giving back to all the businesses who want to do the same.

This book outlines how I took my life from my young daughter coming home having drawn a picture of the family at childcare with everyone except me in it. To being able to take the family away for a month each year while my business kept running. I’m not bragging, simply telling you that by implementing these gold nuggets in my book, this could be you too. All while working towards creating a profitable sustainable business, or an exit strategy that will leave you fulfilled!

This book is for people starting their own business or who have already started and are struggling with typical small business issues that so many share. If you are a tradesperson, sole trader, or a larger company, there is something in Paul’s book for you. As you read the book many will think ‘this book is written about my business’. I can identify with these issues that are happening to me as well”. Often we are alone running a business and who do we talk to other than our accountant or often unqualified opinionated advice. It’s a lonely journey.

Learn how to:

Start a business – set up your business right from the start the way you want to finish

Plan and set goals: personal, family or business

Create systems that will enable your business to run itself without you there

Financial business health basics that are essential to ensure the business has the fuel it needs to succeed.

Tackle bottlenecks and capital constraints that are holding back growth (and causing stress!)

Increase sale conversion rate; for example, how one person increased their conversion rate from 35% to 75% with one simple phrase/word change. The words are given to you in this book.

Turn around unprofitable divisions by applying the 80/20 rule and be armed with data to make informed decisions.

Also included is; effective strategies for getting things done, such as;

  • “Time in Motion” technique
  • People working for you
  • Time management

Along with Free Resource models such as;

  • “Success Module” to assist with tasks, projects and pulling teams together.
  • “Zero Defects” for creating efficient systems, processes and continuous improvement.
  • “Simple Rules” to build a business that runs itself based on ‘simple rules’.

And, for individuals who are thinking about selling in the future (every business should have this in mind even if not likely to), there is detailed information about what to implement to maximise return on your investment and exit strategy.


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